Ukrainian Holocaust Survivors Prepare for New Life in Israel

The Fellowship  |  April 11, 2022

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, millions of Ukrainian refugees have fled their devastated homeland, including elderly Holocaust survivors. CBN’s Julie Stahl reports on these people who have fled danger before, and how The Fellowship is helping them make new lives in their biblical homeland, Israel:

“You can imagine the atmosphere: nervous tension and [an] unpredictable destiny. What can one expect other than being murdered?” asked Zinovii Lekarev, a Holocaust survivor and current refugee from Kharkiv.

“Almost all the buildings around us burned down. It was a miracle that our building didn’t burn,” said Liudmyla Polunova, a Jewish refugee who fled Mariupol. “You understand, when a mortar hits a building, it starts a fire and there are no means to extinguish the fire. There is no water in the city.”

While the forced flight is a nightmare for many fleeing Ukrainians, the Jewish refugees have a unique hope for the future…

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