The Fellowship’s Emergency Response

The Fellowship  |  November 17, 2023

elderly, food box, war, Hamas
(Photo: Guy Yechiely)

Writers at Haaretz report on how quickly The Fellowship was able to mobilize in the wake of Hamas’ attack on October 7, and how we continue to deliver critical aid to Israel during this crisis:

At first, the events of October 7th were so unbelievably devastating that most Israelis were simply paralyzed by shock. Then, after a few days, hundreds of grassroots initiatives popped up, in an ad hoc, frenzied attempt to meet the massive needs created by the catastrophe. One organization, however, was able to provide large-scale support quickly, precisely, and efficiently: The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Thanks to its years of experience in the field and long-standing collaborations with key entities throughout Israel – including regional councils, security forces, government agencies and NGOs – the Fellowship was able to immediately mobilize and deliver essential supplies to hundreds of thousands of people.

“Since we are agile and quick, we acted in a focused, strategic way. We immediately began working with everyone on the ground. Whatever they needed, we could supply within 24 hours,” recalls Yael Eckstein, the Fellowship’s President and CEO, who has been working around the clock since that fateful day.