The Fellowship Is Ready to Respond to Emergencies, Disasters in Israel

The Fellowship  |  June 13, 2023

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(Photo: Diego Adrian Galperin)

The Fellowship’s Safwan Marich, who leads our new Emergency Response Center in Israel, writes at the Jerusalem Post about the center’s mobile unit and how it will provide security to all of Israel:

The operational concept for this mobile unit is to be able to provide a comprehensive humanitarian response to support the work of first responders and volunteers in the event of all types of disasters. Within a matter of hours, the unit can be mobilized to travel to almost every part of Israel and provide a network of critical support services. While this is a model in use in many large urban emergency response systems outside of Israel, until now, no such option existed in Israel for civilian disasters.

As we all know, in Israeli society, there is thankfully no shortage of good-willed individuals and organizations. In the wake of disasters, people will reach out with all sorts of ideas and initiatives to try and help. But while the goodwill will be there, effective management can often be lacking and these resources will not be effectively harnessed.

Through our ongoing coordination with the Israel Police, Magen David Adom and the IDF Home Front Command, this unit will be able to be most effective in providing humanitarian first aid to those who need it most.

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