The Fellowship Donates 9 Bomb Shelters to Tiberias

The Fellowship  |  March 22, 2023

Fellowship bomb shelter in Tiberias, Israel, 2023
(Photo: Eran Boker)

When terrorist rockets fall on the Holy Land, Israelis only have seconds to reach the safety of a bomb shelter. The Fellowship’s donors stand for Israel and her people, and have allowed us to place thousands of shelters over the past 40 years, saving countless lives. Our friends at The Jerusalem Post report on the latest shelters The Fellowship gave to the people of Tiberias, doubling the number in this town on the biblical shores of the Sea of Galilee:

“Strengthening the protection of Israel and her people during emergencies is one of the main missions of the Fellowship,” said Yael Eckstein, President of IFCJ. “We are honored to contribute to the protection of Israel and her citizens and to assist security forces in creating an effective response for people in public spaces during an emergency situation. These shelters not only provide this protection but also represent the decades of support and love of our hundreds of thousands of donors around the world in making this happen.”

The organization took advice from the IDF Home Front Command on the placement of the shelters based on geographic and residential requirements.

“Our goal is to assist in reducing the gaps in protection all across the country,” said Safwan Marich, Director of the Safety and Emergency Response Division of IFCJ. “These new shelters were all placed in a calculated manner in coordination with Home Front Command, with the aim of providing a safe response to any future event, with the hope of course that it will not be necessary.”

The project, which cost over a million shekels, was thought to be a desperately needed investment into northern Israel’s security. Governmental agencies have, previously, prioritised shelters in the South of Israel close to the Gaza border. 

“Thank you to the IFCJ for their contribution to improving the security of the residents of our city and visitors,” said Boaz Yosef, Mayor of the city of Tiberias. “The deployment of these shelters around the city will increase the sense of security for all of us, giving us a wider range of protection during emergency situations. Tiberias is a city which hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and it’s important for our public spaces to have the necessary response available to all during an emergency.”