The Common Bonds Between Jews and Christians

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Dr. Jeffrey D. Johnson, a professor, Baptist minister, and author of the book Divine Mysteries: Concise and Thoughtful Ancient Biblical Wisdom, reflects on the deep and profound connections between Christianity and Judaism — and Christians and Jews:
“There are those who wish to eradicate, to do away with the Tanakh,” he continued. “As a Christian Bible scholar, I can say that the Tanakh is God’s word and it’s the crucible from which Christianity was birthed. The early followers of Jesus – and Jesus himself – read the Tanakh. We cannot do away with the Tanakh – that is just foolish.”
He said that when Christians become familiar with the Jewish Bible, the natural by-product is that they love Israel and the Jewish people.
“The good news is that there are a few seminaries that now are beginning to emphasize the Jewish roots of Christianity,” Johnson said, which helps to counter those who believe in replacement theology.

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