Terrorists Arrested After Brave Woman Calls the Police

The Fellowship  |  November 6, 2015

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Fellowship staff member, Ofer Dahan, who works in the Jerusalem office, recently had to help his daughter through a potential terror attack. His daughter bravely warned the police that she noticed strange men around her apartment, and the police were able to arrest the terrorists. In the following story, Ofer’s daughter, Hadas, heroically stands up to terror.

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Hadas was getting ready to go to work. As she listened to the morning news, she heard reporters warning Israelis of possible terrorist attacks in the cities that surround Tel Aviv.  Hadas’ apartment is located in Givatayim, a city east of Tel Aviv, so she became worried when she heard the sound of helicopter’s circling her home.

She decided to call her father, Ofer, to ask him whether she should go to work by bicycle, as she usually did, or by taxi. Ofer told Hadas that with so many safety threats, it would be better if she didn’t go to work at all and to stay home.

A few minutes later she called her father once again. “Maybe I’m panicking, but I see suspicious people walking around my apartment,” she told him. Ofer told her to call the police immediately. On the phone with the police, she described the strange-looking man, “one man is in a green shirt with a beard and shaved head.” The police recognized the man she described and said they would come over to investigate.

Hadas waited 10 terrifying minutes, but the police didn’t come. She called one more time, and finally they arrived after 15 minutes. She looked out her window and saw Israeli soldiers with M-16 rifles and masks. But they were searching the back of the building.

“Why are you in the back of the building when the terrorists are in front?” she asked them. With Hadas’ tipoff, they searched in the front of the building. More police cars arrived on the scene and the potential terrorists were arrested. 

Hadas is grateful the police caught the terrorist, but she still suffers from shock. “Hadas was in trauma during Shabbat,” says Ofer. “We’ve finally managed to calm her down.” Thankfully, Hadas has a loving family to help her through the terror and pain.

Please keep Hadas in your prayers, as well as all the other Israelis dealing with fear, trauma, injury, and loss during this wave of terror. May our mighty God keep His strong hand of protection on His people.