Stuck at Home? Grow an Israeli Herb Garden on Your Balcony

The Fellowship  |  April 24, 2020

Grow an Israeli Herb Garden on Your Balcony
Young Adults from Azimut program build a community garden with children youth from local neighborhood.

Many of us are self-isolating. So why not use this time to grow an Israeli herb garden in your back yard? Our friends at Israel21c share their tips for gardening success. 

Turn supermarket scraps into gold

Those of you who have been scouring the Internet at all hours might have already run into videos that show you how to turn food scraps into plantings.

While before it may not have piqued your interest, now seems like a good time to give it a go.

Videos like this one get into the nitty gritty of how to regrow plantings from food scraps ranging from lettuce to ginger to herbs.