Remembering Yuri

The Fellowship  |  May 31, 2022

Yuri, an elderly Holocaust survivor
(Photo: FJC)

This is Yuri.

Yuri, who was forgotten for decades, after the atrocities of the Holocaust first left him abandoned and forgotten in a ghetto in Ukraine.

Yuri, who was forgotten and alone for all those years, until The Fellowship found him, covered in dirt and living in squalor.

But thanks to godly Fellowship family members like YOU, Yuri is no longer forgotten. Instead, he is now being lovingly cared for, able to live the remaining years of his life with dignity.

What a difference YOU made in the life of this sweet elderly man!

Yuri wanted to personally thank you for your kindness and love. I hope you cherish Yuri’s words, and that they bless you, because each word is meant just for you, as you have blessed Yuri.

“The recent situation in Ukraine is worrying,” Yuri told us. “I feel protected thanks to the support of The Fellowship. Assisting the elderly is godly work. Thank you!”

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