Project Spotlight: Yael Visits Some of Our Adopted Battalions

The Fellowship  |  May 30, 2017

Yael Eckstein standing in front of a group of soldiers.
Project Spotlight: Yael Visits Some of Our Adopted Battalions

This year, The Fellowship has “adopted” nine Israel Defense Forces (IDF) battalions, located throughout Israel. Yael Eckstein recently visited some of these bases, including the Lions of the North unit that protects the skies in the northern region of Israel during all hours.

These men and women are the true heroes of the Holy Land, as a soldier’s day is filled with draining, never-ending work. But thanks to our wonderful donors who continue to adopt battalions, like Lions of the North, these soldiers are provided much needed moral support and assistance. Through our Adopt a Battalion program, they receive holiday food cards, personal care items, emergency funding for soldiers in need, honor ceremonies, rec rooms, and so much more.

“Joining these holy Israeli soldiers on the border with Lebanon and Syria, I felt God’s hand of protection,” said Yael.

“The Patriot Missiles and the soldiers who man them are on alert every second of every day, waiting to shoot down a threat from our enemy neighbors.”

We are so grateful to our soldiers in Israel who risk their lives to protect Israel and her people every day.

Learn how you can support Israel’s soldiers and other programs that benefit the Holy Land here.

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