Project Spotlight: Yad LaKashish

Project Spotlight: Yad LaKashish


In Israel, the people who might have it hardest of all are the poor, elderly immigrants. Thankfully, Fellowship programs like Yad LaKashish change this reality.

These elderly came to Israel late in life. They struggle day by day to make ends meet in a society that is alien to them. Living thousands of miles from the culture that they understand and unable to communicate with those around them makes them feel isolated.

Fellowship-supported Yad LaKashish (which means “lifeline for the elderly”) provides an opportunity for these needy elderly to work and retain their dignity during their final years. Most of the workers are living off meager government assistance. Thankfully, the hot lunches and monthly stipends offered through this program help to make their lives more comfortable.

In addition, working there allows them to stay physically and mentally active! By interacting with other seniors (many who are immigrants with little or no ability to speak Hebrew), they feel connected. Most importantly, Yad LaKashish allows them to maintain their dignity and a sense of usefulness.

Learn how you can help support impoverished elderly Jews today.

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