Project Spotlight: With Dignity and Fellowship

Project Spotlight: With Dignity and Fellowship


Sibo, 81, lives in loneliness and poverty, just miles from the Mediterranean Sea. She won’t turn on lights, use her stove, or buy clothing or medicine. She needs to save her money for food and rent.

She lost her husband only three years after immigrating from Azerbaijan to Israel in 2003. Today, Sibo says she gets so lonely she cries, yet she knows Israel is the only place she wants to live.

Sibo is just one of the many elderly who need our help. About 22 percent of elderly in Israel – including immigrants, Holocaust survivors, and widows – live below the poverty line. Feeling forgotten, many have resigned themselves to living out their final years in seclusion and sadness, without many basic necessities.

Thankfully, with the compassionate support of wonderful friends like you, The Fellowship’s With Dignity and Fellowship program provides them with food, clothing, medications, home visits, and emergency funds for basic needs.

When Fellowship volunteers visit these wonderful elderly people to deliver food and spend time with them talking, laughing, and sharing stories, the companionship is exactly what they need to keep their spirits high.

“I’m happy to know there are those who think of us and want to help,” says Sibo. “Thank you very much to all those who contribute so I can have what I need.”

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