Project Spotlight: Reut School Soup Kitchen

The Fellowship  |  November 21, 2017

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The Fellowship supports about 30 soup kitchens throughout Israel, but only one is completely run by student volunteers: The Fellowship-supported Reut School Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem.

Also known as the “Social Restaurant,” the Reut School Soup Kitchen feels like home to many of the guests. Visitors receive a satisfying and hot meal served by 7th-12th grade students. The guests also receive a portion to take home with them, so they don’t go hungry. The students who volunteer are tasked with setting up the tables, serving the food, and cleaning up after the guests leave.

Recently, The Fellowship gave a gift to renovate this soup kitchen, so Reut students can continue to serve food to the needy in their community.

The Reut school principal wanted to thank The Fellowship for this gift: “The Fellowship supported the massive renovation of the kitchen. This made it possible for the kitchen to be used as a very professional kitchen. It’s thanks to you that we can run this project in the school and our students can also receive a hot meal during the day.”

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