Project Spotlight: Providing Security to Israelis Under Fire

Project Spotlight: Providing Security to Israelis Under Fire

Credit:(Photo: Noam Moskowitz)

Hundreds of terrorist rockets have fallen on Israel this week, displacing innocent families whose homes were directly hit and injuring dozens of people who are being treated for trauma and injury.

Another wave of rockets came Wednesday morning fired from Gaza, and we need every Fellowship friend to stand strong with Israel in solidarity and prayer.

Right now, The Fellowship is on the ground caring for the most vulnerable populations in the Holy Land — the elderly, young mothers and their children, and recent immigrants.

The Home Front Command of the IDF and authorities in the most vulnerable regions informed us that right now they need bomb shelters and support for first responders. We have committed to immediately distributing hundreds of protective vests to first response volunteers and providing more emergency mobile bomb shelters in Israel.

We are delivering emergency aid like food, clothing, shelter, and basic needs to families affected by this terror.

We are calling elderly and new immigrants in vulnerable areas to check on their needs and provide emotional support.

Yesterday, newborns at Fellowship-supported Soroka Hospital were transferred to a protected area, ensuring they remain safe if any more rockets are fired.

Learn more about how you can give an emergency gift today to provide bomb shelters and security vests to those in harm’s way and basic needs to displaced Israelis in need.

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