Project Spotlight: Help During the High Holy Days

The Fellowship  |  September 15, 2020

High Holy Days food box for family in need
FJC "Taste of Life" Rosh Hashanah food box distribution to Krikunov family, village of Veselinovo, Nikolaev region of Ukraine, mother Elena with Tanya, 12 years, Angelina, 6 years, and David, 3 years, in the kitchen unpacking fruit from the box, apple, orange, banana, summer clothing, low angle photo, smile

Thanks to the support of millions of Christians worldwide, The Fellowship launched this year’s High Holy Days program in Israel and the former Soviet Union (FSU) – and so far, it has been a huge success. We are preparing over 40,000 food boxes for elderly and families in need. And children in need in Israel and the former Soviet Union will receive clothing for the holiday. And IDF soldiers and their families will also receive food cards. We pray that we will reach all Jews in need this holy season. To make sure we don’t have to turn away anyone in need for the High Holy Days this year, please give as generously as God allows today.

You can help people like Elena and Yakiv and their five children.

A Glimmer of Hope for the High Holy Days

In a remote area of Ukraine there is a Jewish family that feels forgotten by the world. The five children and parents live in a rental house that is falling apart. Rental costs and endless repair expenses leave little left over for food or new clothing for the children. They must relocate from one temporary house to another, never knowing what having a real home would feel like, because they can’t afford anything more permanent.

There are five siblings. The youngest is 10 months old, then there’s Tanya, 12, Vladik, 9, Angelina, 6, and David, 3. The children are all lovely, smart, and sociable — despite living in unimaginable poverty — which is a testament to the love their parents, Elena and Yakiv, provide them.

In their small village, there aren’t many jobs available. Each day the family faces financial insecurity that takes a toll. They wonder if they’ve been completely forgotten about in this semi-abandoned Ukrainian village, where resources and support are completely lacking. This precious Jewish family felt totally alone … until faithful Fellowship friends came along and helped change their lives.

You, our faithful supporters, showed this family that God’s love is ever-present. You provided them with food, clothing, and a holiday food box for Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year and beginning of the High Holy Days, the most sacred time of year for the Jewish people.

As Elena watched her children hold fresh fruit for the very first time, their faces and smiles warmed her heart. And she started feeling hopeful for their future again: “We thank God for the people who care about us, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good you’ve been doing to us!” They now have love and security like they’ve never had before, and this precious family is very thankful for your care.