Project Spotlight: Help During a Heatwave

The Fellowship  |  July 19, 2023

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(Photo: Guy Yechiely)

As Israel’s desert climate reaches summer highs, we ensure that any With Dignity and Fellowship recipient who needs extra assistance is taken care of and has access to summer cooling assistance. We help people like Sibo, whose old air conditioner uses a lot of electricity and doesn’t even cool too well. So when she asked for a fan to make it through a recent heatwave, we were there to help!

‘I Can Age With Dignity’

Sibo is an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor and despite at last living in Israel, her historic and biblical homeland, Sibo still finds herself in need of support. Last year, she fell five times, and three years ago she fell ill with cancer. Thankfully, she knows The Fellowship is always here to help her.

And as a heatwave recently passed over Israel this summer, we delivered Sibo a fan, after we learned that her old air conditioner uses too much electricity and doesn’t even cool too well, and she often leaves it off to save money on electricity costs. The fan and extra water bottles we brought over for Sibo ensured she had what she needed to make it through the heatwave.

Mostly, Sibo is all alone. Two of Sibo’s sons still live in the former Soviet Union (FSU), and are unable to help their ailing, lonely mother. Her third son lives in nearby Jerusalem, but is disabled and in need of care himself. So when Fellowship volunteers visit to deliver groceries or summer aid or call her on her birthday, it means the world to her. “The Fellowship is always there to help me. I really do not know what I would do without your help; maybe I would not even still be alive. I am already old.”

Sibo receives regular deliveries of groceries and other necessities, but most importantly she receives the love and support of Fellowship friends, support that lets this precious child of God know how much He — and Christians and Jews around the world — love her.

“I greatly appreciate everything you are doing for me. Thanks to you, I can age with dignity.”