Project Spotlight: Hadassah Medical Scholarships

The Fellowship  |  October 27, 2020

Tazita Abaro and Yael Eckstein, blue scrubs, black shirt with floral pattern, white shirt, red headscarf, face masks, smiling, dentist's office

The Fellowship – powered by our compassionate donors – has given at-risk immigrants and struggling single moms their turn to shine by offering them grants to study at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital. Here, they are trained to become dental assistants or hygienists – jobs that offer better pay and quality of life than the cleaning or retail jobs many of the program participants held previously. For people who wouldn’t be able to afford this education otherwise, this opportunity is lifechanging … just ask Tazita!

Recently Yael Eckstein met Tazita, who is one of the students from the Hadassah school. She is working in a clinic in Haifa, after having graduated from the program in 2016. Tazita has been working as a hygienist at the community clinic where they offer discounted prices for dental treatments for the impoverished community there. “The Fellowship gave me the opportunity to transition from someone who received assistance to one who is able to give and help others!” We are so proud of her!

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