Project Spotlight: Food for Christmas to Needy Christians

Project Spotlight: Food for Christmas to Needy Christians

Credit:Noal and Fellowship volunteer (Photo: IFCJ/Eva Geller)

The needy in Israel aren’t just Jewish; there are also impoverished Christians who struggle every day with the impossible decision of buying food or medicine. They simply don’t have enough money for both. The realities of poverty sting even more at the holidays.

To help these Christians in need, The Fellowship provided supermarket vouchers to hundreds of needy Christian elderly and families in 27 cities throughout Israel for Christmas – helping them celebrate the holiday with dignity.

We gave vouchers to people like:

Noal’s husband had worked in the American Embassy in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, but she receives no retirement pension from his work. Now an 84-year-old widow living in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of east Jerusalem, she has problems with her legs and is housebound. She cannot walk down the stairs or to the ground floor of her apartment unit – she can barely walk around her apartment. Noal has two daughters, but they live abroad and cannot care for her. Noal lives off her monthly old age pension of 2,200 shekels (about $580).

“I thank all of The Fellowship‘s donors in America for thinking about me. I wish everyone peace during this holiday season. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Emirance lives in a small one-room apartment together with her son who is disabled. He was injured in a car accident several years ago, and both their lives changed dramatically. Today, he cannot work, and doesn’t receive any source of income, so 82-year-old Emirance must support both of them. They try to survive off her monthly old age pension of 2,200 shekels (about $580).

“It is such a blessing to know that Christians in America care about me. My situation is very difficult and I never know how I am going to survive from day to day. Knowing that you have made it possible for me to celebrate the Christmas holiday makes me very happy. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May God always bless you with health and happiness.”

Learn how you can help people in need throughout Israel. 

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