Project Spotlight: Fellowship Volunteers

The Fellowship  |  November 17, 2020

IFCJ staff wearing mask with elderly woman, doubly blessed Tuesday, Giving Tuesday
Yasmin Kalfa, field coordinator in the Be'er Sheva region, bringing Rosh Hashanah food box to Sofia Neiman. Elderly woman sitting on chair, black and blue dress, IFCJ staff, white shirt, sitting on red couch, hand on arm

Fellowship volunteers make sure elderly Israelis have someone to rely on when rockets fall. This is what The Fellowship is all about and YOU made it possible!

As Rockets Fall, Mushka Has You

Eighty-four-year-old Mushka was in the shower when a code red siren went off, signaling an incoming rocket. She lives in Sderot, an Israeli town frequently exposed to rockets from Hamas, and panics every time she hears explosions.

Most Israelis panic. But Mushka is a Holocaust survivor, so she’s doubly traumatized by these attacks — the loud noises bring her right back to WWII in a flash. This time, the blaring sound knocked her off her feet, and she was unable to get up as water kept flowing out of the shower head. She immediately called her Fellowship volunteer, Tonya, for help. “Thank God Mushka brought her phone into the bathroom,” Tonya says.

This support wouldn’t be possible without you. The Fellowship has so many volunteers willing to support our elderly in times of crisis. “We need to reach out to them, to help them, to care for them,” Tonya says, “and I am eternally grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization, The Fellowship.”

After Mushka’s call, Tonya called an ambulance and went with Mushka to the hospital where she stayed with her until 3 a.m. This is the kind of care all Holocaust survivors deserve. We are so happy to not only provide them bomb shelters, but caring volunteers who check up on them when they need it most. And it’s all thanks to your support!

With The Fellowship, you can bless Israel and her people – including scared elderly like Mushka – by providing the comfort and protection they deserve.

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