Project Spotlight: Fellowship Security Projects

The Fellowship  |  November 5, 2019

Two girls looking up at mobile bomb shelter.

With so many threats facing Israel, and so many enemies posing these threats from all directions, Israelis must always be on alert. Those living in Israel’s border communities are especially vulnerable. They continue to experience rocket, incendiary kite, explosive balloon, and tunnel attacks carried out by Hamas terrorists. Thankfully, many ongoing Fellowship-supported security projects continue to keep Israelis safe.

The Fellowship provides fortified buildings in communities vulnerable to rocket attacks and thousands of mobile bomb shelters that ensure Israelis are always close to a shelter as they go about their daily routines. We provide hospital equipment so that victims of terror attacks have access to quick and effective medical care.

Security drones and Fellowship-supported Command Centers, which are equipped with the latest technology to monitor security incidents in real time, help ensure threats are taken care of before they escalate into a full-blown attack. Command Centers also provide a secure operations center for the local authorities in the event of war.

Just 10 Seconds for Shelter

Adele remembers a time before the uncertainty and daily threats. She remembers feeling safe and peaceful when she arrived in 1975 from the U.S. at Kibbutz Nirim, a community in southern Israel just about a mile from the Gaza border.

Adele says it started getting scary in 2000 as Hamas came to power. By 2008 rocket attacks were simply a part of daily life. The reality is that the children and families here have 10 seconds at most to find shelter in the event of an attack. That is a small window, even for those with the quickest of reactions.

“They say 15 seconds,” says Adele. “But we don’t have 15 seconds, because we’re just that close.

“Support that we get from America— be it Jewish or Christian—is a breath of fresh air,” she says. “It’s very empowering. It gives us the strength to be willing to ride this out, because we know that people have our backs.  Not everybody has that.”

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