Project Spotlight: Christmas in Jerusalem

The Fellowship  |  January 5, 2021

Christmas food box deliveries in Jerusalem
Christmas Food Box Deliveries in Jerusalem to Arab Christians, adult man wearing branded logo sweatshirt carry branded logo food box, adult woman dressed in Santa suit behind on the stairs, wearing masks, ringing bell, face mask

As a part of our holiday help this year, not only did we visit Jewish elderly to drop off Hanukkah gift packages, we also visited elderly Christians to bring Christmas cheer!

In December, The Fellowship hosted a Christmas tree lighting at the Christian Quarter Elderly Club. Staff and volunteers also distributed food boxes to elderly and clothing cards to children while singing Christmas carols.

In Israel, the needy aren’t just Jewish. Impoverished Israeli Christians also struggle with the impossible decision of buying groceries or buying medicine. They simply don’t have enough money for both. The realities of poverty sting even more at the holidays. And elderly who live alone feel especially isolated when they wish they could be surrounded by loved ones.

Michael, an elderly Arab Christian who lives alone, had this to say of the visit: “I’m grateful and I thank The Fellowship for the gift. At this age, a person can feel like an orphan. Especially during this period of disease, we’re afraid of visiting neighbors and friends. This visit today gives us courage!”

Yassar affirmed that this is precisely why The Fellowship is needed: “Covid-19 is a really hard time for the elderly. There is much more loneliness. The Fellowship and our volunteers are more important than ever. This help is really lifesaving. We could not do it without our supporters in Israel and around the world.”

With the help of Fellowship friends, we visited so many precious elderly people to spread joy and light this holy season.

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