Project Spotlight: Christmas Food Cards for Needy Christians

The Fellowship  |  December 20, 2016

Woman holding a blanket from her IFCJ Christmas delivery box.

The needy in Israel aren’t just Jewish; there are also impoverished Christians who struggle every day with the impossible decision of buying food or medicine. They simply don’t have enough money for both. The realities of poverty sting even more at the holidays.

To help these Christians in need, The Fellowship has provided supermarket vouchers to hundreds of needy Christian families throughout Israel. These vouchers will help the families celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday with dignity.

These vouchers help people like:

Jamil and Georgette are a 75-year-old Christian couple who live in East Jerusalem. The couple lives in subsidized housing owned by the Roman Catholic Church. Although Jamil worked at the UN, he receives no pension from the organization and the couple must survive on their $570 monthly social security benefits from Israel’s National Insurance Institute.

Jamil said, “The Christmas holiday is a symbol of peace and love. I’m very grateful to The Fellowship and its donors. You are the first to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and to give us this wonderful gift that will help us celebrate the holiday. Thank you and Merry Christmas.”

Noor is a 70-year-old widow. She recently had an operation on her knees and moves around with great difficulty. Noor lives with her unemployed son. She must support the two of them with her $570 monthly social security benefits.

“I want to thank all of The Fellowship’s donors who are willing to help people who are truly needy. You have given us a wonderful gift. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Basima is an 89-year-old widow who lost her husband less than a year ago. She lives with her handicapped son, and another son, who was also handicapped, passed away several years ago. Although Basima worked at a bank, she receives no pension and must survive on her $570 monthly social security benefits.

“I want to thank The Fellowship’s donors for bringing some light into my life. I’m still mourning for my husband. The truth is, I wouldn’t have even put up a Christmas tree this year if it weren’t for my son. Your gift simply makes me realize how many people care about me even though they’ve never met me. This is the real spirit of Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Merry Christmas to you all.”

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