Project Spotlight: Caring for the Vulnerable During the Health Crisis

Project Spotlight: Caring for the Vulnerable During the Health Crisis

Credit: IFCJ

The Fellowship continues to take meaningful action during the global health crisis. We have set up emergency funds to help local welfare departments provide immediate assistance to needy families and elderly in financial distress due to coronavirus restrictions.

“There is no doubt that any assistance to the needy families will help us survive the difficult times,” said Mahmad Rabahk from Kisra-Sumei Dept. of Social Services. “The Fellowship has helped in the past, and continues to help. We very much appreciate this. All the best to you! If only there would be more like you. We hope for future cooperation between us.”

In response to the crisis, the financial assistance covers a variety of needs. We’re providing food, medicine, essential appliances, clothing, and basic furniture.

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