Project Spotlight: Caring for Israel’s Hospitals

The Fellowship  |  April 21, 2020

Students and Faculty in the lab at The Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology and Immunology of Ben Gurion University during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemicLeft to Right: Prof. Angel Porgador, Dr. Roi Gazit, and Avishay Edri

When the global health crisis first began, The Fellowship received dozens of urgent requests from Israeli hospitals finding it difficult to manage without the proper medical equipment to treat the coronavirus. Thanks to Fellowship supporters, we have been able to move quickly and take extraordinary measures to provide vital equipment to hospitals and emergency teams struggling to manage the scale of patient needs. This includes immediate assistance for the purchase of needed equipment such as test kits, respirators, disinfectant equipment, and other lifesaving emergency supplies.

Here are just some of the kind words the hospital leadership had to say about our ongoing commitment to help during this coronavirus pandemic:

“We thank you for your friendship and noteworthy trust in us and for standing together with our medical teams at the forefront of this mission of saving lives.” – Pinchas Cohen, Eytan Wirtheim, and Orli Meshkin from Beilinson Hospital

“Your support at this severe medical crisis is essential to us and will help to provide the best medical care to our many patients.” – Ohad Hochman, M.D. CEO at Bnai Zion Medical Center

“The severe crisis affecting the entire world, including Israel, could have been much more severe if it were not for your solidarity, mobilization, and support and that of good people like you in Israel and the world.” – Moshe Kedar, Manager of External Relations at HaEmek Medical Center

You can help provide emergency relief for the COVID-19 pandemic now. Learn how you can help the elderly and Holocaust survivors affected by this global health crisis today.

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