Project Spotlight: Azimut Mentoring Program

Project Spotlight: Azimut Mentoring Program

Credit:Graduates of Fellowship-supported Azimut with their new diplomas (photo: Olivier Fitoussi)

The Fellowship-supported Azimut program reaches out to young adults who need help finding their way in life. The focus is on 21- to 35-year-olds with an emphasis on Ethiopian youth who are struggling financially. Fellowship mentors help these young adults get on track to financial independence and map out a plan for their future.

This relatively new program recently celebrated its first commencement ceremony for a group of 100 graduates. Zehava Tesfay, founder and director of Azimut, addressed those gathered, acknowledging the donations of devoted friends in the U.S., Canada, and other countries, without whom this project would never have materialized. Jeff Kaye, vice president of The Fellowship in Israel, also spoke, expressing gratitude for the Christian donors from all over the world who sacrifice to donate the funds for the program participants to have a better life.

Yael, a new graduate of the program and a single mother with three young children, shared her story. Yael was a theater and Jewish studies student but never finished her degree. Selley, her mentor, met her while she was searching for a job that would work around her children’s school schedule. During their weekly meeting, Selley learned that Yael loves to work with children and wanted to lead activities for them. As Yael learned how to work with clients, market herself, and manage her finances, her business expanded. The Fellowship provided the necessary equipment for her to get started, which she said felt like a huge hug during the difficult times.

Yael now has an extracurricular program that runs in schools. She has quadrupled her income and is now economically stable. In addition, she is satisfied with the work she is doing. Her message to her fellow graduates: “Break the boundaries, believe in yourself, and don’t wait for tomorrow!”

At the close of the evening, each graduate was called up to the stage to receive a diploma from the mentor who guided them through their journey. At this point everyone in the hall had tears in their eyes imagining the bright future ahead for each participant.

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