Project Spotlight: Ambulance for Those in Need in the Negev

The Fellowship  |  February 27, 2018

A white IFCJ ambulance van
Project Spotlight: Ambulance for Those in Need in the Negev

Can you imagine not having access to hospital care, just because your community doesn’t have an ambulance to transport you there? This was the case for people living in the town of Rahat in Israel’s Negev desert, where poverty is widespread. This community worried that the next medical emergency could be fatal, not because of the injury or illness itself, but because they had no way to make it to the hospital in time.

Thankfully, The Fellowship just helped provide an ambulance to the town of Rahat in Israel’s Negev desert to help the Bedouin minority group living in the area. This will be the third ambulance we’ve helped provide to the Negev population. This means that any person in Rahat who needs emergency hospital care can now safely ride in the Fellowship-funded ambulance.

Sadly, the Bedouin community is ranked one of the poorest in Israel, and many in the community are unemployed. Because this is a minority group in Israel, they are easily overlooked – but not by The Fellowship or our faithful donors, who continue to reach out to all those in need in Israel.

During the recent dedication ceremony, the mayor of Rahat wanted share how much this donation means to the people of Rahat: “I must tell you the truth – Rabbi Eckstein is a person who spreads light,” said Mayor Talal Al Krenawi. “He assists and saves every needy person . . . the city of Rahat is helped by many Fellowship-funded programs. The residents of Rahat and I will never forget that in 2006, there were floods and one family was left with nothing. The Fellowship assisted and supported this family. Today, The Fellowship is donating an ambulance that will help all of the residents of Rahat. Thank you very much!”

The Fellowship‘s Jeff Kaye said, “I remember the day I came to the Rahat mayor’s office and wanted to talk about many Fellowship projects [that could help the citizens of Rahat]. I remember the pain in my heart when the mayor described their old ambulance which was on its last legs. The mayor had no way to replace it.”

With help from The Fellowship, the Rahat community now can safely travel to the nearest hospital. Great things happen when Jews and Christians come together to show God’s love to people in need. The town of Rahat welcomed The Fellowship with open arms and feel so blessed for our care.

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