Project Spotlight: Alumim Children’s Home

The Fellowship  |  February 25, 2020

Two young Jewish children making food together.

Jewish children in Ukraine who have lost their parents or who come from poor or troubled families find much-needed love and stability at Fellowship-supported Alumim Children’s Home. Housing infants to young adults, the children’s home offers quality accommodations. This includes intensive medical and psychological care and an on-site Jewish day school. The loving staff seeks to ensure that the children feel they have a home.

A Glimmer of Hope

Natalia didn’t know what to do for her five children, all of whom suffer from physical and developmental disabilities. This situation is unimaginable for any mother, but it is especially challenging for Natalia. She is all alone, with no family support and no job to care for her children. The family lives in a poor Ukrainian village in a house with a clay floor. As a result, these harsh circumstances inevitably impact the life and health of her children – and she struggled to provide them a healthy home.

Diana is 14 years old and suffers from heart disease. Vitaly, 13, suffers from an untreated congenital heart defect. Ten-year-old Viktoria has developmental delays and an untreated tumor. Evgeny, 7, shows signs of neglect in his educational and psychological development. And Angelina, 3, suffers from a congenital clubfoot which may lead to problems if left untreated.

The children’s list of dire health concerns has overwhelmed Natalia, who felt like she was at rock bottom. She feared she could never give her children the care and attention they so desperately need.

Then the family discovered a lifeline. Fellowship-supported Alumim Children’s Home and Social Rehabilitation Center for Jewish Children in western Ukraine got in touch with the family. When representatives transferred Natalia’s children to the home, they were met by devoted and caring staff who bathed them, dressed them in nice, clean clothing, and offered them dinner. They began to address their serious medical concerns. The staff said they could see a glimmer of hope in the children’s eyes. These children who didn’t stand a chance are now thriving at Alumim Children’s Home.

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