Project Spotlight: Alumim Children’s Home

The Fellowship  |  February 21, 2017

Three young children smiling at the camera while holding orange baskets.

Jewish children in Ukraine who have lost their parents or who come from poor or troubled families find much-needed love and stability at Fellowship-supported Alumim Children’s Home. During her recent trip to Ukraine, Yael Eckstein visited this children’s home and enjoyed chatting with the children and listening to them sing for her.

Housing infants to young adults, the children’s home offers quality accommodations, intensive medical and psychological care, and an on-site Jewish day school. The loving staff seeks to ensure that the children are raised in a home, not an orphanage.

Siblings Receive Love, Food, and Care After Years of Trauma

Andrey, Veronica, Andrei, and their newborn sister, Angelina, grew up in an old, wooden house with only two rooms. There, they lived with their parents, grandparents, and two of their mother’s disabled sisters: Tatiana, who is blind, and Jeanne, who is deaf and mentally ill.

The home was unsanitary and living conditions were horrible. There was not enough space, no water or proper heating, and a permanent lack of firewood even during the coldest nights. Their mother would often go on drinking binges and disappear from home for days on end, leaving her children starving and with no attention or supplies.

Thankfully, these children now live in this loving children’s home, and the dedicated staff is doing all it can to save them from the trauma and damage they have suffered. Currently, all the children are receiving full medical and psychological care, nutritious food, clothing, warmth, love, and positive care and attention. They are on the road to recovery.

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