Project Spotlight: Aliyah Seminars

The Fellowship  |  January 18, 2017

A man giving an informational seminar about Aliyah.
Project Spotlight: Aliyah Seminars

Fellowship Freedom Flights have helped thousands of Jewish people make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) in recent years. While the flight to the Holy Land is a big part of what we provide for these immigrants, who often are relocating due to spiritual, physical, or economic hardship, it’s certainly not the only thing we provide.

Aliyah Seminars

In order to help prepare new olim (immigrants) for the first stage of their new lives in Israel, and to guarantee their absorption will be ultimately successful, we host aliyah seminars, a series of informative lectures by experts in the field about their first steps in Israel, including job searching and navigating the health care and education system in Israel. We also provide Hebrew language classes, help securing their first homes, and grants to help with the costs of setting up their new lives in Israel.

The Fellowship Assisted Us with Every Detail”

Oleh’s family lived in Donetsk, Ukraine, for many years, but then fighting started in 2014 between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian armed forces, turning eastern Ukraine into a chaotic, deadly war zone. The unrest placed many, including thousands of Jews like Oleh, in a desperate situation. “Following the confusion that everyone around us felt, things started to really get terrifying,” said Oleh.

The family relocated to another part of Ukraine for a while, hoping the violence would die down. But two years went by and it still hadn’t, and then economic hardship forced Oleh to close his business.

When hope in Donetsk seemed to be lost for good, they decided to make aliyah with The Fellowship. “We had thought about it long ago,” said Oleh, “but we didn’t due to different circumstances. The Fellowship and Israeli government helps people like us. I have a feeling that Israel actually takes care of its citizens, unlike post-Soviet countries,” says Oleh.

Oleh and his wife felt comforted when they heard about our Fellowship Freedom Flights, the informational aliyah seminars we host, the $1,000 grant we give to new immigrants after they arrive in the Holy Land, and our helpful volunteers who answer any questions new immigrants have about their new lives in Israel.

“The safety of the family and the wellbeing of the children,” said Oleh, “is the reason we’re making aliyah. I want a real future for my children. That’s why we left our home city of Donetsk, which is now occupied, and we’re coming to the Holy Land!”

“Our main goal at the outset is to settle into our new reality, learn Hebrew, understand the Israeli way of life and become part of the country,” said Oleh. “My wife Tetiana and I are not afraid of work. We’re ready to start with anything.” Oleh’s parents have already made aliyah to Israel, so they will be joining them as well.

“The Fellowship staff accompanied and assisted us with every detail in order to make the aliyah process easier,” said Oleh. “We’re grateful for all the information The Fellowship provided us. And we know that we’re more than lucky to have received financial support. We’re very happy and satisfied with everything The Fellowship has done for us.”

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