Pray with The Fellowship’s Bishop Lanier

The Fellowship  |  April 3, 2020

Hands folded in prayer on top of a Bible

Today, the world feels frozen in time as people practice social distancing and isolation in order to stay safe during this global pandemic. But while we must isolate for our safety, social distancing brings many challenges – loss of daily in-person connection with others, worries over health and safety of ourselves and loved ones, and much more.

During this time, The Fellowship is turning to prayer – and we want to pray for people on the front lines, for people affected by the virus, and for you, too.

Please know that The Fellowship’s Chairman of the Board, Bishop Paul Lanier, has a special prayer message for you during this difficult time. In addition to his message, he has offered to pray over you and listen to the worries on your heart, so that you may find some comfort.

You can listen to Bishop Lanier’s message by calling 888-514-4325 (IFCJ) today, and record a prayer request so that Bishop Lanier and The Fellowship prayer team may pray over your needs.

Get to Know Bishop Paul Lanier

Bishop Lanier’s faith shines through his work and life calling – leading the Hope Community Church – a faith community that he and his wife, Debbie, started in 1990. Their goal was to create a welcoming church body that connects people of different denominations, races, nationalities, and walks of life. Now almost 30 years later, he’s successfully built this community and continues to reach out to a diverse and thriving multilingual congregation.

When Bishop Lanier was called to partner with The Fellowship, he was most drawn to our mission of building bridges of understanding and unity between Christians and Jews. Bishop Lanier also serves as our wonderful Chairman of the Board, and he has supported The Fellowship since 2009, with a special emphasis on aliyah (immigration to Israel) and Holocaust survivors.

Record Your Prayers

Just as Bishop Lanier has partnered with The Fellowship, he is grateful that you, too, have partnered with us to help God’s people in need. During these uncertain times, we are committed to continue helping the most vulnerable in Israel. And we’ll also continue to fulfill our commitment to YOU and other precious Fellowship family members who need prayer and community right now.

Bishop Lanier and the whole Fellowship family want to pray for you, and we hope that He bless you according to His promise in Genesis 12:3.

We must trust that God will lead us through any challenges we may face right now.

Call 888-514-4325 (IFCJ) today to hear Bishop Lanier’s special message and to record your prayers.