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Project Spotlight: Neve Michael Children’s Home

Many children in Israel are at risk because their parents can no longer care for them. Whether the parents are deceased, poverty-stricken, afflicted with mental illness, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or caught up in a life of crime, the children are the ones who suffer most. Thankfully, the Fellowship-funded Neve Michael Children’s Home provides a safe haven for 3- to 18-year-olds throughout Israel who are impacted by these traumatic circumstances.

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Israelis You Should Know: Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel's current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has lived his life in the service of the Jewish state and its people.

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Giving Hope and Joy to a Hurting Family for the High Holy Days

“I am so grateful for the help I receive every year during the holidays from The Fellowship, it enables me and my family to enjoy the holidays without worry. We can honor God with the meals we prepare with the food given to us by The Fellowship!"

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The Angel of Dachau

Engelmar Unzeitig was a Germain priest who cared for fellow prisoners in Dachau Concentration Camp during the Holocaust, where he was held until his death from typhoid.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Masha

Masha's entire family suffers from illnesses. Valentina, her grandmother, battles dementia and recently sprained her ankle. Her mother, Anna, is only 46 years old, but has already had two heart attacks and suffers from diabetes. If Masha was healthier, she might be able to care for her sick mother and grandmother, but 16-year-old Masha is the one in most need of care. She was born with severe cerebral palsy, and cannot talk or move independently.

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