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Ask the Rabbi: What Is the Security Situation for Jews in Western Europe?

In this month's Ask the Rabbi, Rabbi Eckstein answers two important questions: What is the security situation of Jews in Western Europe, and why is it so difficult for elderly Jews to make aliyah?

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Pastors and Church Members Head to Holy Land

Pastors and members of a prominent African-American Baptist denomination are visiting Israel on a Fellowship-hosted mission trip.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Valerian

Tatiana was 29 and Valery 55 when they met and decided to marry. They devoted their lives to each other and eagerly awaited the day they would become parents. However, the years went by and a child was nowhere in sight. The couple consulted the best doctors and tried every type of treatment until finally, after 11 years of anticipation, Valerian was born. Tatiana's pregnancy was normal and nothing indicated any possible danger to her baby. But during the birth process Valerian was severely hurt – and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

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Project Spotlight: The Fellowship Hotline

The Fellowship Hotline receives individual requests from, and provides solutions to, Israeli citizens throughout the country living in crisis conditions related to their social welfare. Callers ask for help with food, clothing, medical aid, employment, furniture, housing, legal assistance, and more.

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Israelis You Should Know: Ehud Netzer

Ehud Netzer was an Israeli archaeologist whose discoveries included the tomb of Herod the Great and the Wadi Qelt Synagogue, the oldest synagogue ever found.

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