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Project Spotlight: Azimut

The Fellowship's new Azimut program reaches out to adults ages 21-35 who are struggling to get by and are lacking the proper guidance, confidence, financial support, or skills they need in order to succeed and become financially independent.

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Why Do Jews Wear Costumes on Purim?

The festive celebrations of the Jewish holiday of Purim contain some meaningful spiritual lessons for us all.

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My Duty and Responsibility

Johanna Eck sheltered two young Jews from the Nazis during the Holocaust

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Project Spotlight: Kupat Yedidut

Kupat Yedidut, or "Friendship Fund," serves those being helped through welfare departments in cities and municipalities throughout Israel.

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Project Spotlight: Investing in Israel’s Women

Today, International Women's Day, is the perfect time to highlight some of the many projects The Fellowship supports in Israel and around the world to offer women the educational, spiritual, physical, and emotional assistance they need to live a full, healthy life.

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