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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Fellowship writer in Israel writes of the acceptance she feels after making aliyah (immigrating) to her biblical and historical home in the Holy Land.

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His Humanity Was Pure and Uncontaminated

Lorenzo Perrone was an Italian bricklayer who, while working at Auschwitz concentration camp, saved the life of Primo Levi, the Jewish chemist, writer, and Holocaust survivor.

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Helping Needy Residents in Tiberias Through Kupat Yedidut

Tiberias, a holy city in Israel and a place of many miracles, is significant to both the Christian and Jewish faiths, yet the residents there live in desperate poverty. Learn how The Fellowship is helping through our Kupat Yedidut program.

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Mensches on Motorcycles

This summer, a group of Jewish bikers is using its annual ride to raise money for Holocaust awareness.

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Watch: A Look Inside Israel’s Mishkenot Sha’ananim

Our friends at Israel21c show us what life is like in one of Israel's first Jewish neighborhoods built right outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

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