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Project Spotlight: Winter Warmth

Though it is currently summer, it is never too early for The Fellowship to identify impoverished elderly in Israel and the former Soviet Union (FSU) who need assistance when the freezing temperatures come. While most people know that winters in the FSU are quite frigid, many are surprised to learn that Israel's winters, especially at the higher elevations, can be quite bitter.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Joseph

Joseph met his wife while taking dance classes at the Moscow Construction Institute (IISS), where he went to college. He had taken classes all throughout his studies in Moscow, and continued after graduation. His future wife, Isabella, was a dancer too, and took classes at the same college. They were dance partners in one of the classes, and soon they fell in love. Shortly after, they were married.

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Project Spotlight: Kupat Yedidut

It is the mission of The Fellowship to help the weakest segments of Israeli society, especially those who may otherwise "slip through the cracks" due to government program limitations or the lack of immediate access to emergency funds. The Fellowship's Kupat Yedidut program was set up to ensure that the needs of the weakest citizens – including needy families, children, and the elderly – are met as soon as those needs are identified.

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Israelis You Should Know: Miriam Ben-Porat

Miriam Ben-Porat was an Israeli judge who was the first female appointed to the Supreme Court of Israel.

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Good Deeds Never Forgotten

Last week, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin hosted descendents of Belgian Prince Eugene, as well as some of the hundreds of Jewish children he saved during the Holocaust.

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