Israeli Startup Zaps Mosquito Larvae Before They Become a Problem

The Fellowship  |  April 30, 2021

Mosquito larvae hanging in front of a teal background.

In an effort to fight malaria, which takes more than 400,000 each year, an Israeli startup has created a unique solution using artificial intelligence, reports Israel21c:

Africa is the most affected continent, but malaria threatens about half of the world’s population, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Founded in 2016, Zzapp targets malaria-bearing mosquito larvae at their source by using AI to predict where stagnant water bodies will occur and by managing effective treatment of the detected areas.

“Our technology has two components: one about planning and one about management,” CEO Arnon Houri Yafin tells ISRAEL21c.

“On the planning side, AI analyzes satellite imagery and builds a risk index that takes into account topography, land-use data, rain data and more. The management part of the app transfers the AI analysis into defined tasks for field workers.”