Israeli Drones Help Florida Power Plant Spot Storm Damage

The Fellowship  |  August 25, 2020

These high power drones can detect damage right away, changing how we react to the worst hurricanes, wildfires, and storms. Israel21c tells us more:

The goal is to ensure the Sparrow UAVs are fit to fly in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane to assess damage on the ground.

Autonomous drones have a clear advantage over manned drones in emergency situations: There’s no need for a pilot to be present at a dangerous site. Self-flying drones take off from a base station (“box”), fly a pre-programmed route and return to the station to download data and get recharged. Aerial insights can also be streamed live…

Percepto started developing the Sparrow in 2013 and has already flown in adverse weather conditions, although the Florida wind tunnel certification is the first time the Sparrow has passed Level 5 hurricane testing – and it’s the first autonomous drone solution to do so.

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