Israeli Agricultural Tech Startup Expands to Wind-Pollinated Crops

The Fellowship  |  July 7, 2021

Olive picking in Israel shows God bless His people

An Israeli startup Edete has already developed artificial pollination tech for insect-pollinated crops, reports NoCamels. Now, they will also expand to include wind-pollinated crops, which include foods of the Holy Land like dates and olives:

Wind pollination, where a form of pollination is distributed by the wind, occurs in nature on a large number of plants, including grasses, olives, dates, pistachios, and some vegetable seeds. Its effectiveness depends on the synchronization of the male and female plants’ blooming, along with weather and environmental conditions.

Currently, farmers have much less control over the pollination process relative to other aspects of farming that employ more advanced technology. Edete’s artificial pollination innovation is meant to fill this void and provide farmers with more predictable, consistent crop yields.

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