Israel Launches 2-Year Pilot, Preparing the Sky for Network of Delivery Drones


Credit:YouTube capture/CNBC Television/2021/

The Times of Israel reports on how the startup nation is testing a pilot program where a network of delivery drones prepares to deliver everything from medicine to meals:

In a field in the forest near the northern city of Hadera, flags were blowing in the wind on a sunny day last week, with a gaggle of people — regulators, drone techies and journalists — waiting to observe a demonstration of drones flying together safely in a shared airspace.

The show, the first of its kind in Israel and one of the first globally, is part of a two-year pilot project after which Israel hopes to see drones safely whizzing around its skies delivering everything from medicine to hamburgers to clothes …

“This is one of the most progressive experiments in the world, in which drones from many companies are flying in an open and not controlled area,” said Daniella Partem, head of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Israel Innovation Authority, which is in charge of fostering the nation’s tech ecosystem.

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