How a Remote Control Could End Loneliness for Seniors

The Fellowship  |  December 22, 2020

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As the world turns to virtual avenues amid a pandemic, a new remote control is making the virtual world way more accessible for seniors. Writers at Israel21c tells us more:

How do you create the world’s largest virtual retirement community? With Israel technology, of course.

That’s what Uniper Care is doing, although technology may not be the right word, CEO Rami Kirshblum tells ISRAEL21c. “It’s a technology-enabled service.”

Uniper is all about providing content – live and prerecorded – via its set-top box for TVs and its app for mobile phones and tablets. The technology delivering that content is fairly standard.

What kind of content? Yoga, Zumba and all manner of exercise sessions; lectures on healthy eating, mindfulness and positive thinking; interactive games to boost cognitive functioning; a virtual book club; armchair travel and more, personalized for the individual user.