Haifa University’s New Food Security Program Graduates Inaugural Class

The Fellowship  |  July 25, 2023

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(Photo: Mishel Amzaleg)

The Fellowship continues our mission to help Jewish people in poverty across Israel live more dignified lives through delivering food boxes and supporting our partners in Israel, like Colel Chabad, in delivering food to those who need it. And we’ve been supporting Israel’s National Food Security Initiative which provides nutritional support for tens of thousands of Israeli families each year.

Recently, The Jerusalem Post reported that now this initiative includes helping a group of Haifa University students to tackle Israel’s food insecurity and poverty problems as a part of a new program offered at the university to build stronger communities:

In a significant step towards addressing the issue of food insecurity and poverty in Israel, the University of Haifa recently celebrated the graduation of its first class of 30 students from a pioneering program focused on food security. The program is an effort of the National Food Security Initiative which aims to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle social welfare and practical challenges related to food security…

Throughout the program, the participants delved into various subjects, including demographic and historic trends influencing poverty. They have also taken courses in nutrition and home economics, and have also insights into crucial elements of social work. These skills will be used by the graduates in their respective local communities to uplift those in need…

Initiated by Israel’s Welfare Ministry, the National Food Security Initiative is executed by Colel Chabad, in collaboration with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and their nationwide network of facilitators. Monthly, the initiative provides nutritional, educational, and social assistance to over 36,000 families, aiming to break the cycle of poverty by empowering individuals with practical skills and financial support.

Learn more about our commitment to Israel’s National Food Security Initiative here.

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