Global United Fellowship Visits Jerusalem, Western Wall

The Fellowship  |  September 27, 2016

Group consisting of the Global United Fellowship visiting the Western Wall.
Global United Fellowship Visits Jerusalem

On the fifth day of the tour, members began their day by visiting Jerusalem to see the Fellowship-donated Forward Command Vehicle.

Mayor Nir Barkat’s foreign affairs advisor and the special operations officer from the city’s Department of Emergency and Security greeted the group when they arrived.

Mayor Barkat turned to Rabbi Eckstein and The Fellowship to purchase this state-of-the-art vehicle which serves as a mobile command center during situations of terror, natural disasters, and regular activities that attract large crowds.

Then, they visited the Israel Museum where the group saw artifacts from the time of Jesus. They ended their day at the Western Wall where they prayed and put prayers in the Wall on behalf of their congregants back home.

On their final night in Israel, the GUF delegation spent their last hours at a festive farewell dinner held at the Olive and Fish Restaurant in Jerusalem. Each of the members expressed their gratitude for being chosen to participate. 

They also spoke about what they felt they had personally gained from the experience. Bishop Ellis, the presiding bishop for GUF, blessed The Fellowship and spoke of his hope for a long lasting and meaningful relationship with The Fellowship. Kristina King, director of our African-American outreach program, also thanked the group for coming and expressed her hope for an ongoing relationship between GUF and The Fellowship.

As the evening came to a close, the group spoke of their appreciation for the work done by The Fellowship and the sincerity of its staff.

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