Fellowship Clothing Distribution to Evacuees

The Fellowship  |  October 29, 2023

Clothing, evacuees,
(Photo: Yossi Zeliger)

One of the tragedies we are witnessing in Israel is the amount—about 200,000—of displaced people. Many were forced to flee their homes in the south after the brutal killings and destruction to their communities on October 7. Some fleeing with just the clothes on their backs. So The Fellowship is distributing clothes to these evacuees to provide support through this difficult time.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

On Sunday, October 8, we left [our home] and went to stay with family. Last week we were officially evacuated to Jerusalem. We don’t even know the situation of our home. We haven’t returned since we left… All we were able to bring with us was a few items of clothing. I want to thank all of The Fellowship’s donors for thinking about us. This is not an easy time. Thank you.

  • Naly, who made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) 30 years ago with her husband and daughter

These past two weeks have been very difficult. I didn’t want to evacuate, however, on October 13, a rocket fell on a neighbor’s home, and the shrapnel shattered windows in my home, broke the hot water heater and some roof tiles. It was at that time that I told my husband that I can’t stand it any longer. He said, ‘where can we go? We can’t afford to go anywhere…’

All we brought with us were a few small things… This clothing is extremely important. I want to tell The Fellowship’s donors that you are doing wonderful work. May you all be successful.

  • Tamar, who was forced to evacuate with her son and daughter and whose lived in southern Israel for 37 years

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