Faces of The Fellowship: Yevheniia and Serhii

The Fellowship  |  September 11, 2019

Man and woman standing close to each other smiling. Surround by the Israeli flag.

Yevheniia worked her last shift at the airport when hostilities started in the Donetsk region.

“Suddenly, during the night in 2014, our lives changed drastically. It was the longest and scariest night of my life.”

She moved around Ukraine to escape the immediate fighting between Russian separatist forces and the Ukrainian military. Yevheniia was looking for somewhere to call home. She met her husband, Serhii, but they still could not find a place to settle, so they are moving to Israel with the help of The Fellowship.

“It has turned out that there is no place for me in Ukraine,” says Yevheniia. “My cousin has already made aliyah [immigrated to Israel] with The Fellowship, and she suggested I do the same.”

Right now, they are learning Hebrew, so they can find jobs in Israel. “My husband is willing to continue his work at a factory. As for me, I am hoping to be employed as an HR manager,” says Yevheniia.

Thankfully, for the first six months in Israel, the family knows they can rely on The Fellowship for the resources and financial support necessary to begin a new and successful life there.

“We especially appreciate the financial aid provided. Thank you!”