Faces of The Fellowship: Winter Assistance for Shoshana

The Fellowship  |  February 24, 2021

An elderly Jewish woman and Yael Eckstein in masks.

Shoshana’s family died in the Holocaust. But Shoshana survived. And she still survives. Now 99, this sweet elderly woman lives with her handicapped daughter. Until the ongoing pandemic, the two relied on a Fellowship soup kitchen for their meals each day. Now, The Fellowship soup kitchen delivers meals to her home.

And when the recent snow storm in Jerusalem caused the temperatures to drop, our President and CEO Yael Eckstein stopped by with winter assistance: a food box, blanket, and radiator to heat Shoshana’s small apartment. She was extremely grateful to know Christians around the world love her and haven’t forgotten her.

This winter, your love will warm the heart and save the life of an impoverished Jewish person like Shoshana.