Faces of The Fellowship: Volodymyr

The Fellowship  |  February 5, 2020

Man smiling into the Camera while wearing an IFCJ scarf and holding the Israeli flag.

What do you do when you’re a new father in Ukraine and crisis breaks out, turning your hometown into a war zone? For Volodymyr, it meant jumping into action and doing everything he could to keep his family safe.

In 2014, just as a clash between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian armed forces threatened Ukrainian citizens, Volodymyr’s wife Anastasia gave birth to twin girls, Anna and Victoriia, their first children.

As the couple held their baby girls, they couldn’t help but worry about their futures caught in the middle of a now unstable and uncertain conflict.

They started thinking seriously about making aliyah (immigrating to Israel), hoping to move to a country that for years has been a refuge to Jews facing war, anti-Semitic attitudes, and conflict. But the situation in Ukraine calmed down some, so they stayed put. However, this meant Volodymyr had to make sacrifices to keep his family safe.

Today, the war is ongoing and the economy continues to worsen. Citizens lack critical infrastructure, reliable healthcare, or secure employment. “I had three different jobs and was continuously traveling abroad to make enough money to support my family,” Volodymyr explains. “My children were growing up without me.”

Volodymyr worried about one of his kids even catching a cold. He says that the medical care in Ukraine is so expensive that getting treatment for just a cold could set them back in paying their monthly bills.

Returning Home

Anastasia sitting on a plane with her two daughters.

Life was difficult. Then Volodymyr and Anastasia had another little girl, Olha. This is what motivated them to take the first steps to fulfill their dreams of aliyah. When they learned that The Fellowship could help them, they were thankful to take a prophetic Fellowship Freedom Flight with their family. Living in Israel means they will live in a democracy and have relative safety.

“We are very happy that you assist Jewish families on their way home,” Volodymyr says. Otherwise, they probably would have not been able to afford to relocate. Thankfully, Fellowship friends around the world are committed to helping Jews make aliyah and fulfilling the biblical prophecy that God will “gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12 KJV).

Volodymyr and his family will learn Hebrew, and have access to Jewish schooling for their children. They now have a chance at a new life thanks to you!

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