Faces of The Fellowship: Tetiana Makes Aliyah from Ukraine

The Fellowship  |  March 17, 2021

Ukraine aliyah
Tetiana Romanenko from Ukraine, adult woman standing in airport terminal in front of flags of Israel, wearing mask and red sweater, black pants, face mask

Tetiana is especially glad to make aliyah (immigrate) with The Fellowship. Coming to Israel from Ukraine, she will rejoin her daughter Karina, who experienced a terrorist attack five years ago during basic training in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

While patrolling the Old City of Jerusalem, two of the young soldiers in Karina’s unit were attacked. One suffered from critical wounds and the other died.

When Tetiana called to see if Karina was ok, her shaken daughter admitted, “I heard the other girls from her unit crying aloud in the background. It was so scary.”

That was five years ago. Today, Karina is an officer and makes Tetiana proud: “Every day of her service adds another gray hair to my head, but I am so proud.” Tetiana tells us that it speaks to her daughter’s character and bravery that she continues to risk her life to serve.

Tetiana also is the proud mom of Alisa, 24, and Igor, 18, who also live in Israel. With all three of her children in the Holy Land, Tetiana finally managed to convince her parents, who are 71 and 69, to make aliyah, as well.

“I’m happy that it’s Israel. I’ll make my kids pancakes in the morning just like I did when they were young children,” she says. “This is a new beginning for us. I just want to thank The Fellowship for making my aliyah possible.”

With The Fellowship, you can help God’s people return home on Fellowship Freedom Flights today. 

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