Faces of The Fellowship: Sigal

The Fellowship  |  July 17, 2019

Head shot of Sigal Hasson while she's at a playground.

The city of Yeruham is like an oasis in the Negev Desert. It is a dusty, desolate, remote place where poverty is rife. At the edge of the city, sits a small kindergarten where 45-year-old Sigal works as a teacher’s assistant. It is the only work she can find and makes her the sole breadwinner in her family.

Sigal’s husband suffers from schizophrenia and is unable to work. They have one teenager and 9-year-old twins. Despite her position at the kindergarten, she is still unable to pay the family’s monthly bills in full. After rent and utilities are paid, there is barely enough left over for food.

The children’s wardrobes consist of hand-me-down and discarded clothing. They ask why they can’t have fresh, new clothes like their peers. All Sigal can tell them is, “maybe one day.”

She says she struggles with the uncertainty of their situation. She never knows if she should prioritize food, medicine, or school. Every day, she makes heartbreaking choices and fears the potential consequences.

“I pray every day for my kids’ well-being and health,” she says. “I don’t know what I’d do if something happened. I have to trust everything is in God’s hands.”

As Sigal receives a food box and grocery card, a smile forms. “I want to thank everybody,” she says. She is thankful for those who made this gift possible. She appreciates those who love without question and see the good in people and treat them accordingly.

Sigal says this outpouring of support from Christians a world away strengthens her and her faith. “God willing, the day will come where I am the one who can give help to others,” she says.