Faces of The Fellowship: Nurit

The Fellowship  |  April 21, 2021

Yael Eckstein standing with an elderly Jewish woman while giving her an IFCJ branded blanket.
Winter warmth distribution, Yael Eckstein standing in living room with elderly woman, holding a branded logo blanket, brown coat, knit hat, pink sweatshirt, blue vest, face mask

Nurit’s family fled Poland to escape the Nazis when she was just a baby, making their way to Ukraine. She managed to survive. Today, at 75, this survivor is a widow living in public housing and survives solely off of her meager pension.

When a snow storm this winter caused temperatures to drop in Jerusalem, our President and CEO Yael Eckstein stopped by with winter assistance: a food box, blanket, and radiator to heat Nurit’s small apartment. She was extremely grateful to know Christians around the world love her and haven’t forgotten her.

This season, your love will warm the heart and save the life of an impoverished Jewish person like Nurit.