Faces of The Fellowship: Masha

The Fellowship  |  October 19, 2016

Masha, IFCJ recipient with her mother in an IFCJ promotion along with the text: Medical Supplies for a Family Plagued by Illness.
Faces of The Fellowship: Masha

Masha’s entire family suffers from illnesses. Valentina, her grandmother, battles dementia and recently sprained her ankle. Her mother, Anna, is only 46 years old, but has already had two heart attacks and suffers from diabetes.

If Masha was healthier, she might be able to care for her sick mother and grandmother, but 16-year-old Masha is the one in most need of care. She was born with severe cerebral palsy, and cannot talk or move independently. Her mother has to help her sit up in her chair, and the disease makes her more vulnerable to other medical issues as well. For example, she frequently catches pneumonia. On a recent hospital checkup visit a nurse dislocated Masha’s leg as she was moving her from her bed to a hospital chair.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian state in which they live refuses to pay for homecare services for either Masha or Valentina.

Anna cares for her daughter the best she can, but as Anna’s health deteriorates, caring for her daughter becomes more difficult. Doctors recently placed a stent in Anna’s heart, and she isn’t supposed to lift heavy items. But because Masha cannot move – even to go to the bathroom – without her mother’s help, her mother carries her frequently, as well as all of Masha’s heavy medical equipment.

The family’s only help comes from the The Fellowship, as we provide Masha with food, adult diapers, and medicine, which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

Last year, The Fellowship bought the family a specialized wheelchair to help Masha move around, and a blender that Anna uses to make food for Masha. We also provided Masha with much-needed medical equipment.

Anna says she wouldn’t survive without The Fellowship. She feels blessed every time a Fellowship staff member visits her home to bring not only financial aid, but also companionship. She enjoys every visit from The Fellowship because we treat Masha with love and respect. Anna will always be grateful to The Fellowship and all of the wonderful Christians and Jews around the world who support our ministry!

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