Faces of The Fellowship: Maria

The Fellowship  |  July 22, 2020

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Maria wishes she could be surrounded by loved ones. But all she has are memories of her younger years when she had the support of family. Today, she surrounds herself with books and framed pictures in her worn down apartment in Kazakhstan, in the former Soviet Union (FSU). Old age has made her homebound. She must wipe away tears as she sifts through old photo albums.

Maria is especially nostalgic about her late mother, whom she describes as a strong woman and role model. Maria recalls her mother’s dedication to helping others even after she lost her son (Maria’s brother) during World War II. At the time, Maria’s mother started a community program in Ukraine offering books and activities for homeless children and children with disabilities. When World War II reached Ukraine, Maria’s mother found a new way to help by assisting wounded soldiers.

Throughout her life, Maria followed her mother’s philosophy: “Help people out of empathy and kindness. Never expect anything in return.”

This value of looking out for others makes it difficult for Maria to accept help in her older years, but deep down she knows the support she receives from The Fellowship and our supporters is saving her life.

Together, we provide her with a homecare worker, who purchases her groceries with a Fellowship food card, prepares hot meals, and makes sure Maria has everything she needs for the hours when she is alone. Without this lifeline, Maria does not know how she would manage. For the first time in a long while, she feels like she is a part of a family again.

Thanks to YOU, our wonderful supporters, this dear woman knows that there are people who want to help her live with dignity.

How You Can Help

With the coronavirus still impacting the everyday life of Jews in Israel and throughout the world, we are taking every precaution while still providing for the needs of elderly Jews and Holocaust survivors. Elderly have been provided basic essentials and the continued support of homecare workers. Learn how you can help today.