Faces of The Fellowship: Katerina and Her Family in the FSU

The Fellowship  |  June 23, 2021

children, Jewish family

Katerina works hard to keep up with her three children who are full of energy and lots of love. This Jewish woman in Russia is a good mother, working hard as a computer programmer and as the family’s main financial provider. But she can only take on occasional freelance jobs due to her family’s health needs.

Any mother of three children would have her hands full, and Katerina’s family has some extra challenges. Two of her children, Zhenja and Andrej, have autism.

Zhenja is only slightly affected, but Andrej has serious challenges. He cannot speak or hear, which impairs his ability to communicate. Katerina’s husband, Timofei, seems like he might have some degree of autism. He is a kind and loving father, but he also struggles a bit to communicate.

Additionally, the family lives in a run-down home and their roof has leaks that need to be fixed, and the leaks have damaged some of their furniture. But most of the family’s small income goes to providing food and care for the children. It breaks Katerina’s heart to have to raise her children in this poverty… most days it feels very lonely and difficult, and she prays that God will help her.

Thanks to you, the family now isn’t alone. Today, The Fellowship delivers them ongoing food support, and it allows them to purchase other necessities. Knowing they have your support now and into the future provides them hope that God has not forgotten them.

With The Fellowship, you can provide food and warmth – and make the wishes of impoverished Jewish children come true – today.